Bright Car Parking Plan

The Bright Car Parking Plan has been finalised, and is available to be viewed by the community here before it is presented to Council in September.

Project Background:

• Bright experiences significant parking demands during events and peak tourist periods.
• There is a high demand for priority on street parking and there is also poor directional signage to off street car parks.
• Council receives frequent requests for more, improved or different parking, such as short stay, disabled parking, loading bays and long vehicle parking.
• New retail and residential developments in the town centre have increased demand for parking in recent years

Proposed improvements:
The proposed improvements are in response to both community feedback and the study findings, and are based on the following principles:
• Park once, walk the rest of the journey. Bright will be a safe, comfortable and easy place to walk to minimise vehicle circulation from people parking multiple times in one trip.
• Cycling will be encouraged and accommodated as an alternative means of transport into the town centre.
• On street parking will be improved to accommodate special needs and time restricted with a range of short term limits to encourage turnover and support local business.
• Off street parking around the town centre will be well signed, improved and integrated with event management strategies to ensure use for parking during peak periods.
• Enforcement will be undertaken regularly to ensure system integrity

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