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The Alpine Shire Council promotes the tourism brand Bright & Surrounds. This brand endorses our major townships of Bright, Myrtleford, Mount Beauty and Harrietville and celebrates ‘A life lived outside’.

Regional Tourism Structure
Alpine Shire Council regional tourism structure
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For more information or assistance on marketing campaigns please contact Alpine Shire Council’s Economic Development Team on (03) 5755 0555 or follow the links below:
Tourism Victoria tourism.vic.gov.au
Tourism North East tourismnortheast.com.au
Bright & Surrounds visitbrightandsurrounds.com.au

Brochures & Publications

The Alpine Shire Council produces a number of pieces of tourism collateral available to visitors throughout the region and State.

  • Bright & Surrounds Official Visitors Guide
  • Festivals & Events Guide (seasonal)
  • Dinner Plain Official Visitors Guide
  • Retail, Dining & Experience Guide
  • Walks & Trails Guide
  • Victoria's High Country Cycle Guide
  • Victoria's High Country Food and Wine Guide

Brochure Request Form
If you would like to house any of the above brochures in your business please complete the brochure distribution form and return to Council.

Media Mentions

Networking and Training Events

Networking events held in March and April throughout the shire raised several questions. A follow up from those questions can be found here.

Accessible Alpine Tourism

The Alpine Shire is a partner in the “Alpine Accessibility Toolkit”, a program coordinated by Disabled WinterSport Australia with the help of a grant from the Australian Government (AusIndustry) under the Australian Tourism Development Program. The toolkit was developed as a practical resource for tourism businesses in the alpine region and provides important information to help businesses become “accessibility friendly”.

People with access requirements include:
* those with young children in prams,
* seniors with mobility requirements,
* people with permanent or temporary disabilities.
Their access requirements may include:
* Physical / Mobility,
* Hearing,
* Vision,
* Cognitive.

The toolkit provides fact sheets, tips, tools, techniques and websites. For more information, or to obtain your copy of the toolkit, please contact Council’s Tourism department on (03) 5755 0555, or call in at one of our Visitor Information Centres.

Please note though, as there is no Local, State or Federal criteria for being “accessible friendly”, it is up to the individual to make an informed decision based on the information provided.

More information can be found at visitvictoria.com.au and clicking on the link "Accessible Victoria" on the left hand menu.

Who's Who in the Shire

Nikki Farmer
Memberships Coordinator
Alpine Shire Council
t 03 5755 0584
m 0458 079 411
e memberships@alpineshire.vic.gov.au

Bronwyn Zambellakis
Visitor Information Centres Coordinator
Alpine Shire Council
t 03 5755 0584
m 0429 293 111
e bronwynz@alpineshire.vic.gov.au

Pia Kennedy
Tourism Development Officer
Alpine Shire Council
t 03 5755 0592
e piak@alpineshire.vic.gov.au

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