On exhibition

Council seeks community comment on plans, strategies and reports before they are finalised.

Please find a list of those currently on public exhibition below:

How to make a submission

Any person may make a submission on the proposals currently on public exhibition.

Submissions are a way in which you can play a role in Alpine Shire Council's decision-making process.

Your submission may be in support of the proposal on exhibition, in opposition to it, support or oppose parts of the proposal, or neutral with the provision of information you would like us to consider.

Any person making a submission may request that they, or their representative, are heard before a committee of Councillors in support of their submission. The request to be heard, and the names of the persons or representatives, must be clearly specified in the written submission. Council will notify those requesting to be heard of the day, time and place of the meeting.

You can make a submission in one of two ways:

> Using the online submission form; or
> By posting your written submission to:

Alpine Shire Council
PO Box 139

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