Setback encountered at Bright’s Alpine Events Park Multipurpose Facility

2 November 2017

Design for the new Multipurpose Facility at the Alpine Events Park, Bright

UPDATE: Unplanned remediation works required on the ground floor of Bright's Pioneer Park Pavilion are likely to delay stage one completion of the new Alpine Events Park multipurpose facility.

Refurbishment and upgrade of the change rooms were initially scheduled for completion by Easter 2018 in readiness for the Bright United Football and Netball Club’s season-opening weekend event. However, on Friday 20th October, the project’s building contractors, Barton St Developments, raised concerns about the adequacy of some structural components which were intended to be retained.

Alpine Shire Council immediately sought advice from two independent structural engineers and carried out tests which confirmed that elements of the original change rooms were not constructed according to the approved design. The construction of the change rooms was completed in 2006 and was managed by Council as owner/builder with packages of work being tendered to local contractors.

An assessment carried out by Council’s Building Surveyor together with the structural engineer, builder, and architect, concluded that rebuilding the existing retaining wall and suspended slab would be the most cost-effective way to ensure public safety and longevity for the building.

“While the anticipated delays are disappointing, Council is confident in the delivery of an outstanding facility that will be used by the community for decades to come,” said Alpine Shire Council’s Director Assets, Will Jeremy.

“The additional reconstruction costs will be funded from the existing project budget, whilst still being able to deliver the remaining components of the project which were originally planned. However, it will be necessary to scale back our ambitions in delivering some of the more aspirational elements of the remaining parts of the project, particularly around the cycling hub infrastructure.”

Bright United Football and Netball Club, the Alpine Cycling Club, and other key stakeholders have been alerted to the issues which have arisen, and are being engaged by Council to discuss how these impacts can best be managed.

Council expects to receive a revised engineering design from the structural engineer by Wednesday 8th November 2017. The plans will be provided to Barton St Developments who will provide confirmed costings for completion of the remediation works.

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