Autumn leaf clearing operations now underway

24 April 2017

Alpine Shire Council’s annual leaf clearing program has begun, improving road and footpath safety, reducing blocked drainage issues, and providing a sustainable source of top soil for the Shire’s parks and gardens.

Alpine Shire Council’s leaf fall clearing operation removes leaves in public spaces. Residents are reminded the program is not designed to remove leaf matter from private yards and gardens.

Council’s Acting Manager Asset Maintenance, Rory Hazeldine, said each week the work crew will focus on one of three different areas and their surrounds – Bright, Myrtleford and Mount Beauty. In effect, residents will notice leaves in their local area cleared every three weeks through to June, with priority given to high traffic areas.

Mr Hazeldine said the Shire had significantly reduced the instance of blocked drains since refining the program in the last few years, and thanked residents for their assistance in not raking leaves into the gutters or on roadsides.

“The removal of the leaves also improves the safety of the surface on roads and footpaths and maintains the amenity of our parks and open spaces,” he said.

“We stockpile the leaves and after a few years they break down and we sieve the material to create our own top soil to use in garden beds in parks throughout the Shire. Not only is it a sustainable practice; it also reduces our costs as it is significantly cheaper than purchasing top soil,” he said.

Residents are reminded that they are responsible for leaf removal on their own property and to assist the work crews by not dumping leaves into the kerb.

“Mowing, mulching and composting are all great methods you can use to clear leaves in your yard and reuse the material in your garden. Leaves can also to be taken to transfer stations, landfill and green waste collection areas,” Mr Hazeldine said.

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