Cundy Park Picnic Shelter

Project Update - January 2017

The new Cundy Park Shelter works commenced on Monday, 9 January and are anticipated to be completed by the end the month.

During this time, there will be disruptions to the use of the park, particularly on the O'Donnell Avenue side. The existing barbeque and water tap will be demolished and replaced, so will not be available during the construction period. However, the majority of the park, including the playground, skate park and public toilets will remain available for use.

For your own safety, please do not enter the construction site.

Project Update - November 2016

Council has secured contractors to undertake the new picnic shelter and barbeque area works at Cundy Park in early January 2017.

Works will commence with demolition of the existing barbeque and tap, as well as redirection of power and water and installation of drainage in the first week of January.

The builder for the picnic shelter will then be on site the second week of January to commence building. The picnic setting, drinking fountain and barbeque have all been ordered ready for installation in the new year.

We anticipate all works to be completed before the end of January 2017.

Cundy Park concept

A picnic shelter will be built at Myrtleford’s Cundy Park after Council received an $18,125 grant from the Federal Government in August 2016.

The $50,000 project includes paving, replacement of the existing barbecue and relocation under shelter as well as installation of picnic table, water tap and security lighting.

The Cundy Park Steering Committee will contribute $13,000 and Council will provide the remaining $18,875.

The shelter will be the ideal accompaniment to the park to encourage families to enjoy a barbecue and a play on the adventure playground or visit to the skate park. It has the dual benefit of improving facilities for those who already enjoy the park, and attracting new users, as well as making the space more flexible in wet weather.

Members of the Cundy Park Steering Committee have raised $13,000 towards the project - $5,000 from the Into Our Hands Community Fund, $5,000 from Alpine Rally Group, $1,000 from the Myrtleford Lions Club and $2,000 from private donations and fundraising.

The Federal Government funding has been provided under Round Two of the Stronger Communities Programme.

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