Harrietville Strategic Master Plan available for public comment

A DRAFT Strategic Master Plan for Harrietville, which outlines key actions and priorities aimed at strengthening the Harrietville community, is available now for public comment.

The Harrietville: Our Future Strategic Master Plan draft has been developed as part of the Communities Adapting to Climate Change project and funded by the Victorian Government.

Alpine Shire Council’s Director Sustainable Development Heather Green said the document is the result of many hours of discussion within the Harrietville Community Forum (HCF) in conjunction with Council.

“This plan applies the priorities raised by the community during nine community discussion sessions held in October and November 2015, along with those identified in the 2014 community survey with the goal of improving sustainability and resilience of the Harrietville community,” she said.

“The document defines what resilience and sustainability means for the Harrietville community and presents actions that collectively improve these crucial elements of a healthy community.”

“For the Harrietville community, resilience is defined as economic sustainability, a community that is able to respond and adapt to change and shocks, stable population, services and businesses, and strong social networks”.

“Harrietville: Our Future specifies actions across ten themes that address these elements of resilience.”

The HCF, Parks Victoria, Alpine Shire Council, and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning have all been involved in the development of this plan.

“Only actions that are able to be undertaken by people or organisations involved in the Communities Adapting to Climate Change project are included in the plan,” Ms Green said.

“This is to ensure that actions are committed to and delivered by the relevant parties, so this plan will lead to real, on-the-ground results.”

“We are encouraging Harrietville community members to read the draft plan and let us know what they think.”

Harrietville: Our Future is open for comment until 22nd June 2016. The document is available here.

Submissions can be made by contacting Council’s Project Officer Michelle Kent at michellek@alpineshire.vic.gov.au or on 5755 0555, or by responding to a short survey here.

Michelle will also be available at the Harrietville Hall on Monday, 6 June from 7pm – 8:30pm and on Thursday, 9 June from 1.30pm – 3.00pm for people to drop in to discuss the document or the wider Communities Adapting to Climate Change project.

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