Myrtleford Flood Mitigation Project

Detailed design stage - 2015

Designs for the Myrtleford Flood Mitigation project are now available for residents to view.

Following consultation with land owners directly affected by the proposed levee and floodway, the functional design plans are available for viewing:
a. You can view the summary design here (File size: 0.6MB),
b. You can view the detailed designs here (File size: 7.5MB) or
c. You can view the detailed designs at the Myrtleford Library from Thursday, 3 June 2015.

The detailed design work will provide Council with the information needed to progress to the next step.

This project does not include any construction works. Its purpose is to understand what would specifically be required (works and funding) to implement outstanding flood mitigation components adopted in the Myrtleford Water Management Scheme.

The designs cover the next stage of the flood mitigation measures identified in the Myrtleford Water Management Scheme. The Scheme was developed by a community based committee and approved by the Minister for Water in 2005.

A summary of the Myrtleford Water Management Scheme is available here.

This project (functional and detailed design only) is expected to be completed in 2015. The total value is $240,000, with $216,000 provided from State and Federal Governments and $24,000 from Alpine Shire Council, of which $14,000 comes from rates.

The results of this project will allow Council to make a decision on whether to proceed to construction stage based on detailed costings and a stronger understanding of the works involved.

For further information please contact project manager Jeff Taylor via email here or call 5755 0555.

Myrtleford Flood Mitigation timeline

Project background

The Myrtleford Flood Mitigation Project uses the findings of the Myrtleford Water Management Scheme, which was approved by the Minister for Water in August 2005.

Council commissioned a floodplain management study in response to major flooding in Myrtleford in October 1993 and September 1998. The study was completed in December 2000.

In February 2002 a Myrtleford Flood Investigation Community Based Committee was appointed to prepare a Water Management Scheme by the then Minister of Natural Resources and Environment under the 1989 Water Act.

After careful consideration of all of the options developed in the earlier floodplain management study, and some additional investigations to address community concerns, the Committee adopted a preferred set of mitigation measures. These measures were advertised for public comment in July 2003. Following consideration of five public submissions, the Committee resolved to recommend the adoption of the scheme as exhibited.

The adoption of the recommended Water Management Scheme by the Committee took into account economic viability and affordability, as well as social and economic considerations. The aim of the scheme is to minimise the effect of future flooding, both in terms of the financial cost to the community and the emotional impact to those who are directly affected.

The scheme includes the following flood mitigation measures:

* Construction of a diversion channel from Happy Valley Creek to to the Ovens River on the upstream side of Myrtleford - COMPLETED
* Sealing of openings in a section of the Rail Trail embankment.
* Excavation and re-shaping of natural depressions in combination with road crossing structure upgrades to form a network of floodways.
* Construction of a new 1.6 km levee on the town side of Happy Valley Creek.
* Reconstruction of an existing levee along the southern side of Happy Valley Creek.
* Removal of two short sections of existing levees.
* Extensive waterway management works on the Ovens Valley and Happy Valley Creek.

A summary of the Myrtleford Flood Mitigation Scheme is available here. The full document is available at the Myrtleford Library, Standish Street, Myrtleford, during opening hours.

To learn more about this project please contact project manager Jeff Taylor on 5755 0555 or via email at

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