Nominations for Alpine Shire Youth Awards now open

DO you know someone aged between 12 – 24 who deserves recognition for their academic, artistic, community-based, sporting or workplace achievements?

Do you know a young person who is inspirational, or who supports agricultural or rural living?

Nominations for the Alpine Shire Youth Awards are now open.

Alpine Shire Youth Mayor Angus Goodman said the awards are a fantastic way of recognising the great work that local young people do every day.

“More often than not the contribution and achievement of our young people can go unrecognised, and these awards are our way of saying thanks,” he said.

“These awards are organised and run by the Alpine Shire Youth Council, so it’s as much about young people celebrating the achievements of their peers as it is about adults recognising young people.

“Anyone can nominate – if you know anyone who deserves to be celebrated for their contribution to their community, for excelling in their chosen field or for inspiring others, you can nominate them.”

Nominees must be aged between 12 – 24 years and have lived, worked or studied in the Alpine Shire in 2014.

Winners will be announced at a Youth Awards night in Myrtleford on Friday, 10 October.

Nominations are open in the following categories:

• Academic: An individual who is dedicated to aspects of academic study; achieves and excels in one or more academic fields; or consistently performs to the best of their abilities.

• Arts: An individual who displays talents in one or more artistic fields; strives for creative excellence; or uses an inventive imagination to create original and inspired works.

• Community: An individual who has the welfare of their community and, the people within it, at heart; volunteers their time generously, willingly and selflessly; or actively contributes towards the positive development of their community.

• Inspirational: An exemplary and strong willed individual; someone who makes or has made significant positive changes in their life or the lives of others; or who sets personal goals and has overcome difficult obstacles to achieve them.

• Sports: An individual whose sporting efforts and achievements go beyond merely participating; always shows good sportsmanship; or consistently strives to achieve their personal best.

• Workplace: An individual who is hard-working and has a positive work ethic; consistently performs to a high standard to achieve professional goals; or exceeds expectations in the workplace.

• Rural: An individual who represents or champions the rural or agricultural aspect of the Alpine Shire.

Nomination forms and guidelines are available here.

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