Changes to Detox Your Home

17 July, 2014

SUSTAINABILITY Victoria’s ‘Detox Your Home’ program has recently been remodelled, changing the way local residents can dispose of items such as household chemicals and batteries.

Detox Your Home enables householders to safely and easily dispose of potentially dangerous household chemicals and other products, such as paint, household batteries and compact fluorescent lights.

Alpine Shire Council Waste Management Officer Sandra Light said 31 locations across Victoria would now receive a mobile collection service every year in the same location.

“18 new permanent sites will be established, totalling 30 permanent sites across the state for people to safely drop off paint, appliance batteries and compact fluorescent lamps free of charge,” she said.

“The closest permanent drop off locations to the Alpine Shire is currently Wodonga. Wangaratta’s site is expected to be operational by the end of the year.”

The Alpine Shire will no longer receive a mobile collection every three years.

“We encourage residents to plan to attend a one of three mobile or permanent locations in their region,” Ms Light said.

“Due to several factors including safety requirements, Council is unable to continue offering drop-off points for appliance batteries at the Bright Council Offices and Mount Beauty and Myrtleford libraries.

“We understand this may cause inconvenience to residents and we will work with Sustainability Victoria when reviewing the collection model later in the year.”

Residents are asked to drop off their used appliance batteries at any permanent site or any Aldi store.

For any queries contact Waste Management Officer Sandra Light on 5755 0555.

For more information visit

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