Myrtleford Art Prize winner shows intricacies of rural life

10 June 2014

ALPINE Shire Council has accepted the winning painting of the Myrtleford Acquisitionary Arts Prize from local artist Claire Leeuwin-Clark.

Titled “Handcrafted Wine”, the painting is a depiction of Ms Leeuwin-Clark’s husband managing the temperature of a barrel of wine at their Nug Nug winery.

“Small batch wines need to be carefully monitored – to keep wines at the right temperature on cold autumn nights, my husband came up with the idea to wrap the barrels in an electric blanket and duvet,” she said.

The $3,500 Myrtleford Acquisitionary Art Prize ran as part of the Myrtleford Festival this year, attracting more than 80 entries.

Deputy Mayor Jan Vonarx said the art prize and exhibition was a fantastic part of the Myrtleford Festival.

“I’m really proud of the Myrtleford Festival and the response to the art prize – organisers are to be congratulated for their hard work in pulling off a brilliant event,” she said.

“This painting is a wonderful symbol of how many people approach the way they live locally – by taking great care to create produce that is of the highest quality, despite facing challenges.”

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