Fences Act 1968

In Victoria, the Fences Amendment Act 2014 ("Fences Act") means neighbours are equally responsible for their dividing fences.
The Fences Act has rules about who pays, the type of fence to be built/altered/removed, notices that neighbours need to give to one another and ways to resolve disputes.

You may be required to send a fencing notice to your neighbour.

Who can I talk to?

The Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria offer a free, confidential service provided by the Department of Justice. You do not have to be in a dispute to use their services.
They can provide information and advice prior to approaching your neighbour regarding a fencing issue.
However, if you are in a dispute they also provide a range of free resolution services.

For further information, please contact www.disputes.vic.gov.au.

Fencing Notices

The Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria also has a range of notices available on their website. Please click here to view.

What if I can’t find my neighbour?

If you can’t find your neighbour (e.g. if the land next to you is vacant) and you want your neighbour to help you pay for a fence, you may need to send them a fencing notice.

Council can provide this information to you, for this purpose. You will need to apply in writing and supply:

1. A basic map (hand drawn is fine) that shows your property and your neighbours property
2. Any other details that will make it easy to identify the correct property

Other information

You can find further fencing information on-line at www.fencingonline.com.au.

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