Solar panels installed at Bright Sports Centre

5 May 2014

THE Bright Sports Centre will become more energy efficient with the installation of solar panels last week.

Installed as part of Alpine Shire Council’s commitment to sustainable energy, the 30kW photovoltaic system will yield approximately 45000 kWh annually. That’s the equivalent of the annual energy usage of 7 average 4 person households.

This equates to approximately 25% of energy usage at the facility.

Council’s Environment Officer Cameron Alexander said the installation is anticipated to save around $9,000 annually in running costs for the facility, on top of the benefits of using clean power.

“We’re committed to reducing our eco footprint, and one of the best ways to do this is to make the switch to solar,” he said.

“It has the dual benefit of saving money in the long-term and providing renewable energy, rather than relying on fossil fuels to generate our electricity.”

The installation of renewable energy is part of Council’s commitment to sustainability, which also includes retrofitting community facilities to reduce their energy and water consumption.

“Simple, cost effective measures such as draught-proofing and installing energy efficient lighting can make a significant impact on the running cost of facilities,” Mr Alexander said.

“All these measures are also transferrable to the home.”

Residents interested in reducing their energy consumption at home or within their business are encouraged to contact Councils Environment Officer to discuss opportunities.

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