Scare gun policy to help balance farming and lifestyle

5 May 2014

RECENT complaints by residents about the use of bird scare guns have prompted Council to remind scare gun users of their requirements.

Alpine Shire Council’s Policy for Control of Noise From Scare Guns was developed in consultation with the community and farmers.

Senior Environmental Health Officer Paul Bond said the policy allows for the use of scare guns, but aims to balance the needs of adjacent landowners who require some relief from the constant noise caused by their use, and the need of farmers to use the guns to deter birds damaging crops.

“We understand that scare guns are an effective way to deter birds from crops, however this policy outlines some requirements of their use that help farmers and other residents live together without friction caused by scare guns,” he said.

“It’s important that we strike a balance between the needs of all of our residents.

“If we receive a complaint from a resident that someone is using scare guns in their vicinity all day we are required by law to investigate that complaint and determine if there is compliance with the policy.

A condition of the policy is that scare guns may be used for a maximum of six hours per day, between 7am – 10am and 4pm – 7pm, to allow some break from the noise.

“Scare gun users can apply for a permit to vary the permitted hours – we then endeavour to work with the user and surrounding residents to achieve a result that works for all parties,” Mr Bond said.

“We don’t want to hamper the efforts of farmers to protect their crops, however we are committed to ensuring that our residents can live together as harmoniously as possible.”

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