Council improving the health of Anderson St elm trees

28 April 2014

THREE elms trees in Anderson Street, Bright, will undergo canopy reduction in a bid to improve their health.

Council held two on-site community meetings last month to discuss the results of arborist reports assessing the health of the trees.

Both meetings were well attended, with interested community members getting an opportunity to find out more about the health of the trees and voice their opinions.

Chief Executive Officer Dave Barry said Council heard the community’s desire to prolong the life of the trees and would carry out works with this aim in mind.

“We presented two arborists reports and asked residents what they wanted to happen to the trees – it was clear that people wanted them preserved if possible,” he said.

“Both reports have indicated that the health and lifespan of the trees are likely to be improved by appropriate canopy works.

“We will undertake canopy reduction to gauge the impact these work may have on the health of the trees.

“We will continue to monitor the trees and any potential risk they may pose in the future.

“Council understands how important trees are to our communities. We respect their importance in our townships and their value as a tourism asset.”

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