Rural Summit yields valuable new insight

28 March 2014

EXPLORING the theme “Small Communities, Big Opportunities: facing the future and embracing change” was the foundation of this week’s 7th annual Rural Summit.

Alpine Shire Councillor Jan Vonarx and CEO Dave Barry joined representatives from other small rural Councils at the annual summit in Nhill on Thursday and Friday.

“The theme of this year’s summit was particularly relevant to us as an organisation looking to embrace change and do things more efficiently,” said Mr Barry.

“These types of events are a great opportunity to see how other regional Councils tackle some of the challenges we are regularly faced with, like sustainability and economic growth.

“It’s a great way to share ideas, develop relationships and learn from leaders in the business, industry and local government sectors.”

Mr Barry appeared on a panel discussing innovation and how it can help small rural councils manage their challenges and create new opportunities.

“We place huge value on innovation and see it assisting us to adopt more of a private sector-type approach to the running of our organisation,” he said.

“We’re committed to becoming more accountable, transparent and efficient in everything we do.”

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