SP AusNet undertaking tree works on Great Alpine Road

28 March 2014

IN accordance with Electricity Safety Regulations, SP AusNet will be undertaking tree works in mid-April on the Great Alpine Road, east of Iarias Lane, heading towards Harrietville. SP AusNet has line clearance responsibilities in order to manage the risk posed by nearby trees. Works will involve the removal of some trees and the pruning of a number of others.

This relatively short section of roadside is lined with a large, mature poplars and suckers of varying sizes, intermingled with young exotic trees. A number of young oaks and cedars were planted in recent years by Council in between the poplars in preparation for their eventual removal. These are the same as the established trees on either side of where the poplars are.

While Council is supportive of the need to address any risk posed by the trees, it is also keen to minimise the impact of the works where possible to ensure that the amenity offered by these trees is maintained. The removals will be suitably staged to allow the replacement avenue trees to mature.

Approximately 6-8 of the poplars will be removed entirely, all of which are either in relatively poor health due to previous works, or are impeding the growth of the immature trees. All suckers, some of which have reached a reasonable size themselves, will also be removed.

The removal of selected trees will rid the roadside of those trees in poorest health and also create a suitable environment for the planted trees to mature and reach their full potential, while having minimal impact on the visual amenity.

A number of other trees require having their roadside limbs removed, with their limbs facing away from the road retained to their full height.

Alpine Shire Council Manager Public Works and Services Lyn Blandford said “it is important that the community is made aware of why SP AusNet is undertaking the tree works. It is equally as important that they are made aware of Council’s efforts to ensure only the trees that pose a genuine threat to safety, that are in very poor health and those preventing the replacement avenue trees to prosper, are removed.

“Our Communities place great value on the Shire’s trees, as do we as an organisation, so wherever possible, we endeavour to maintain their health and longevity as best we can.”

“Whilst Council has no control over what work SP AusNet undertakes, we are working together to ensure the best outcome for the community on the whole.”

SP AusNet will perform these works at no cost to Council.

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