Dinner Plain bus contract awarded

6 February 2014

A CONTRACT to operate the winter bus service between Dinner Plain and Mount Hotham has been awarded in preparation for the 2014 snow season.

2013 operators Dinner Plain Transit Services was awarded the 2014 contract at Council’s Ordinary Meeting on February 4.

Alpine Shire Council Director Sustainable Development Heather Green said the bus service is an integral part of the success of the winter tourist season.

“The bus allows both visitors and residents to access activities at Mount Hotham, as well as providing easy access to Dinner Plain,” she said.

“Over the last few years the cost of running the bus has risen considerably, and it became unreasonable for the ratepayers of Dinner Plain to bear the largest proportion of that cost.”

In 2012 the cost to run the bus service for four months of the year was $314,000. The following year the then-operators requested $326,000 to run the service for the 2013 snow season.

“This cost simply wasn’t sustainable, so Council went to tender to find an operator who could deliver the service for a price that didn’t place a burden on ratepayers,” Ms Green said.

“We entered into a one-year agreement with Dinner Plain Transit Services for Council to provide $60,000 to the service and $90,000 to Mount Hotham Resort Management Board for pre-paid gate entry.

“The tender for the 2014 service has been awarded for the lump sum price of $136,000, so we have saved considerably given the prices of a couple of years ago, and those savings were passed on to Dinner Plain ratepayers.”

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