Youth Week funding

Youth Week grant to fuel sustainability congress

17 February 2014

A GRANT of $2000 will help Alpine Shire Council host a congress for young people to explore sustainability and community-driven change.

Bill Sykes (MLA, Benalla) announced the funding on Friday, 7 February.

Alpine Shire Council Youth Development Officer Ebony D’Arcy said part of the funding would help train local young people to facilitate a three-day congress with their peers during Youth Week (April 4 – 13).

“We have engaged OzGreen, an organisation which works towards youth leadership, sustainability and community-driven change, to assist us in training facilitators for a “Youth Leading the World” congress,” she said.

“Our facilitators will run the three-day congress with young people from across the Alpine Shire, exploring topics that are of particular importance to them within the context of sustainability and ecological impact.

“The benefit of training young people to facilitate discussion with their own peers is that they can genuinely identify with and connect with the viewpoints being explored.

“It’s fantastic to have this opportunity to explore the very relevant issues around sustainability.

“This congress will help our young people to understand their own eco-footprint and develop action plans for their own lives, schools and communities to lessen that footprint.”

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