Learn more about Bright Riverside Water Play Area project

January 7, 2014

COMMUNITY members will have the opportunity to learn more about plans for a riverside splash park in Bright at a site meeting with Alpine Shire Council staff next week.

The current toddler pool at Howitt Park is more than 40 years old and has ongoing issues with maintenance, hygiene and filtration.

Council’s Bright Riverside Water Play Area project will replace the pool and some of the surrounding area with a gold-mining-themed splash park.

Chief Executive Officer Dave Barry said installing a new toddler pool would still have public health and safety implications and long-term maintenance costs.

“By replacing the pool with a water play area, we reduce the risks inherent in still water pools and create a space that suits a broader range of age groups,” he said.

“Apart from the obvious drowning risk, still water pools are more costly to maintain, can become unhygienic during periods of high use and are not considered best practice for public health and safety or value for money.”

The water play park will replicate natural colours and themes. The pads and steps are terraced to work with existing site contours and variation in heights and seating will break up the appearance. Concrete pads will be coloured and textured, adding interest to the site.

Mr Barry said the splash park design would be more accessible for children of varying ages and abilities.

“The project will have three splash pads built alongside Morses Creek, stretching from where the toddler pool currently sits back towards the Gavan Street bridge for approximately 35 metres,” he said.

“The park will be easily accessible by people in a wheelchair and those with limited mobility and will be much more water efficient and require less maintenance – this means the park will be able to run for longer throughout spring and summer.

“Each pad will be designed to suit a different age group, creating a facility that many more children can enjoy.

“The intention is to create a space that complements the surrounding park and functions as an attractive splash park in summer and a welcoming space with seating facilities in the colder months.

“During evenings, any time of year, lights and ground sprays can be programmed to up-light trees and water park features and provide colour and movement.”

Sourcing the funds for this project has been a cooperative effort, with the Bright Community Bank contributing $60,000, the Rotary Club of Bright donating $20,000 and the balance of the $525,000 budget funded by Council in conjunction with the State Government.

Mr Barry invites all interested parties to attend a site meeting at 10am on Friday, 24 January.

“We recognise that a project of this scale will always raise questions among the community, and we welcome the opportunity to answer these questions and clarify any concerns face-to-face,” he said.

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