Mount Beauty Library renewal

In June 2014 the State Government, in conjunction with Council, announced the Mount Beauty Library Renewal project.

The Mounty Beauty Library Renewal is a $420,000 project. The State Government is providing $280,000 funding as part of the Living Libraries Infrastructure Program 2014, while Alpine Shire Council’s contribution to the project will be $140,000.

This exciting project is set to deliver an inspiring learning hub for the local community. The existing library will be increased in size by making use of currently underutilised building space. The project will also see a reorientation of the internal functions and exterior modifications to enhance the synergy with the adjacent recreation reserve and the Mount Beauty pondage.

Council will consult with the local community and library user groups to ensure that the redevelopment is in keeping with their needs and meets their expectations.

Council officers will now develop a timeline for the project and begin consultation with the community.

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