Bright Sports Centre pool closing for renovations

REDEVELOPMENT works at the Bright Sports Centre pool hall will kick off on Monday, 26 March.

Council’s Facilities and Engagement Officer David Stokie said the renovations would result in a number of improvements for pool users, including a larger pool hall with more seating and a rear viewing deck.

“Along with this they will also deliver a lighter and brighter pool hall with new windows to allow more natural light,” he said.

“A new, much higher roof, along with a new air handling system which will improve air quality and eliminate condensation will be added.

“The pool surface will be rejuvenated and new plant equipment such as pumps, filters and an automatic chemical dosing system will greatly improve water quality for patrons.”

The pool area will be closed for four – six months, but the gymnasium, group exercise classes and squash courts will still be available for use.

“Council and Bright Sports Centre staff are very excited to see work about to commence and help deliver what will be a valuable resource to the community,” Mr Stokie said.

Council invites any interested residents to inspect the plans for the renovations on display in the reception area of the sports centre.

For any questions regarding membership transfer and centre access contact the Bright Sports Centre on 5755 1049.

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