Porepunkah Neighbourhood Safer Place fire fighting equipment installed

RESIDENTS and visitors to Porepunkah now have improved bushfire safety in the event that they need to seek refuge at the town’s Neighbourhood Safer Place.

Porepunkah Hall and oval was named a Neighbourhood Safer Place in line with recommendations from the Royal Commission into the February 2009 bushfires.

The installation of a 60,000 litre water tank, roof sprinkler system, diesel pump and fire hose was completed at the hall in January, increasing the ability to defend the space against bushfires.

Council’s Municipal Fire Prevention Officer Darryl Farmer said the additions are the same as improvements made to Neighbourhood Safer Places in Harrietville and Tawonga.

“These systems will make the Porepunkah Hall easier to defend and provide the CFA with a place to source water in the event of an emergency,” he said.

“Despite this, people need to understand that Neighbourhood Safer Places are places of last resort in the case of bushfire attack, and do not replace a well prepared Bushfire Survival Plan.

“These sites provide residents and visitors with a refuge in case they are unable to leave early or defend their homes – they do not guarantee survival but we endeavour to make them as defendable as possible.”

Porepunkah CFA Captain Geza Kovaks, Council's Municipal Fire Prevention Officer Darryl Farmer and plumber Peter Trusler try out the new firefighting equipment at the Porepunkah Neighbourhood Safer Place.

SAFER: Porepunkah CFA Captain Geza Kovacs, Alpine Shire Council Municipal Fire Prevention Officer Darryl Farmer and plumber Peter Trusler try out the new fire fighting hose installed at Porepunkah Hall.

New sprinklers, firefighting hose and tank have been installed at Porepunkah Hall.

NEW: The Porepunkah Neighbourhood Safer Place now has a sprinkler system, tank, fire fighting hose and diesel pump.

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