Ireland Street road infrastructure works ongoing throughout February

THE replacement of road infrastructure in Ireland Street, Bright, will kick off early this month and result in improved safety for road users.

Concrete kerbing and the asphalt road surface will be replaced from the IGA Supermarket to the top Cobden Street roundabout.

The works will include the addition of a pedestrian crossing point and replacement of the medium strip kerbing.

Director Infrastructure Services Ian Ellett said works would be completed by the end of February, with traffic and pedestrian movement on Ireland Street to be altered during certain stages of the project.

“Work will begin outside the IGA Supermarket and move up to the top roundabout,” he said.

“The removal and replacement of the kerb will require rolling work of an area of around 60m, which will restrict parking in that area for two-three days.

“During kerb works generally both traffic lanes up and down will remain open, however some short periods of closure may be necessary.”

Mr Ellett said the project would result in improved safety for all road users.

“The addition of a pedestrian crossing point is a major enhancement to the street,” he said.

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