Alpine Shire Council seeks answers on future of Mt Buffalo Chalet

ALPINE Shire Council will pursue the issue of the future of the Mount Buffalo Chalet with the State Government.

Council will request a meeting with the relevant government ministers after a proposal to breathe new life into the historic building was rejected last month.

Alpine Shire Council Chief Executive Officer Ian Nicholls said the government’s refusal to reach an agreement on reopening the chalet, which remains a priority for the community, was “extremely disappointing”.

“The failure of the State Government to provide any clear direction in its announcement on the future of the chalet has left the community questioning exactly what they are proposing to do to save the chalet for future generations,” he said.

“Council will seek a meeting with the relevant Government Minister to address this issue.”

The chalet, which celebrated its centenary in 2010, was closed to visitors in 2007 after disputes over the lease caused the then-operators to withdraw.

Parks Victoria undertook an unsuccessful 18-month tender process in 2009/10 to find an operator for the chalet.

The Mount Buffalo Community Enterprise Group (MBCEG) was established and entered into a 12-month “exclusive negotiation” period with Parks Victoria in September 2010.

Last month the government opted not to support the group’s detailed proposal to revamp the building, a plan worth more than $50 million.

Mr Nicholls said it was important that Council represent the community in seeking answers on the future of the chalet.

“We have the responsibility to support the community and lead the way in seeking a positive resolution of this issue,” he said.

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