Tawonga Hall fire safety upgrades

TAWONGA Hall has become a Neighbourhood Safer Place, providing a place of last resort for the community in the event of a bushfire.

Installation of a 58,000 litre water tank, pump, sprinklers and fire hose has been completed at the hall to increase its defence against fire.

Following the February 2009 bushfires, the Royal Commission into the bushfires delivered an interim report, recommending the designation of Neighbourhood Safer Places in areas of high bushfire risk.

The State Government supported the move, making it a legal requirement for the CFA and Local Governments to identify and establish Neighbourhood Safer Places.

Council’s Municipal Fire Safety Officer Darryl Farmer said a Neighbourhood Safer Place is a place of last resort during the passage of a bushfire, not a replacement for a detailed Fire Safety Plan.

“While a Neighbourhood Safer Place may offer protection from a bushfire, the safety or survival of those who assemble is not guaranteed,” he said.

“The CFA has developed criteria to assist in determining the suitability of potential sites and Tawonga Hall has been determined as compliant.

“The installation of a water tank, pump, sprinklers and fire hose will improve the hall’s fire fighting capacity in the event of a bushfire.”

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