Resolution needed for Mount Buffalo Chalet

COUNCIL has responded to the State Government’s refusal to resolve the development of the Mount Buffalo Chalet, labelling the lack of direction “extremely disappointing”.

Chief Executive Officer Ian Nicholls said the government’s response to the Mount Buffalo Community Enterprise Group’s proposal to reinvigorate the building was a blow to the local community.

“The community will be understandably frustrated that this issue continues to remain unsolved with no clear vision or leadership to resolve the issue,” he said.

“The Mount Buffalo Chalet is a unique part of our heritage and has the potential to again become a major tourist attraction if there was a clear commitment from the government.

“Its significance to the region as both a cultural icon and a remarkable piece of history means it should be experienced and cherished, not left empty.

Mr Nicholls questioned the Government’s lack of transparency in disclosing its decision.

“For the community to wait for weeks after the decision has been made to find out about it, with no press release or consultation, is very disappointing,” he said.

“It appears the Government has no clear objective to reinstate or redevelop the building to again allow visitors to stay on-mountain and enjoy the unique environment.

“We have had no commitment to resolve this issue, so no wonder we are getting nowhere.

“The government needs to rethink its decision and commit to reaching an agreement on how to ensure that the Mount Buffalo Chalet has a vibrant and sustainable future.”

The historic Mount Buffalo Chalet

SOLUTION NEEDED: The historic Mount Buffalo Chalet has been closed since 2007.

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