Council starts discussion on Rural Land Use

Alpine Shire Council will start the discussion on its Rural Land Strategy with rural land holder forums next week.
Council's Director Sustainable Development, Heather Green, said developing a Rural Land Strategy is approximately a two year project. Ms Green said Council staff have commenced collating available information relating to the rural areas of the Shire which will be used for discussion at the land holder meetings.
"We have looked at the Land Capability Mapping Project that we had done in 2005 and other guiding documents and have developed discussion papers on the main topics involved in a Rural Land Strategy" Ms Green said.
"The purpose of this first round of meetings is to check with the community that the issues we have identified are the right issues and that there aren¡¦t any we have missed," she said.
Ms Green said the Strategy is required to update Council's policy for regulating rural land use and development.
"It will take into account changing agricultural practices and continued rural land development. Rural land has many possible uses including agriculture, tourism, environmental uses and residential. Therefore it faces a number of competing pressures and the Strategy will look at how these interact and how they can be managed to deliver an agreed future for the rural areas of the Shire."
Some of the issues raised in the discussion papers include:
• The loss of land from traditional agricultural production and the affect on the Shire¡¦s economy.
• The impact of tourism related activities and development in rural areas.
• The impact of rural living development on agriculture and amenity.
• The importance of the Shire¡¦s landscapes.
• The impact of climate change on agriculture and development opportunities.
• Minimum lot sizes for subdivision and dwellings.
The discussion papers are available under "Rural Land Strategy" ,or you can contact Council on (03) 5755 0555 to have them posted to you.

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