Council waiting on green light for open space

Council is hopeful of a positive answer from the state government regarding the Myrtleford Open Space funding application.

Council applied to Regional Development Victoria for funds in September this year following a lengthy community consultation process.

If successful the funds will be used to redevelop the former Myrtleford Police Station site into a primarily grassed area that will link the Great Alpine Road with the Myrtleford CBD.

It is anticipated that the area will host markets and events with suitable paving, seating, drinking fountains and lighting.

CEO Ian Nicholls said Council will give a clear indication of project timelines if it is successful in securing funding.

“Unfortunately from our community’s perspective, Council is unable to announce any timelines until the funding is secured.

“There is a lot of community interest in this project, as we saw by the amount of people that were involved in the community consultation process.

“If Council secures funding, the proposal will result in clear views through to the CBD from the Great Alpine Road.

“Visitors passing through the town will be able to see through to the CBD, which will have a range of benefits for local business owners, and the local economy.”

Mr Nicholls acknowledged that the recent change in state government could be a delaying factor.

“Council is already working to develop positive relationships with our new state government,” he said.

“This is extremely important for local government and will help us achieve better results for the Alpine Shire.”

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