Innovative Online Property Report to benefit investors

Council has launched an innovative online property report service that is set to benefit potential investors in the Alpine Shire as well as current residents.

The long-term project went live last week and allows a user to generate a property report for any address in the Alpine Shire.

The report contains information such as

  • Distance from essential services (schools, child care, medical services etc)
  • Size of property
  • Title details
  • Waste and recycling details
  • Planning zones and overlays
  • Useful links

CEO Ian Nicholls said the service would be extremely useful for current Alpine Shire residents and potential investors.

"The Online Property Report is an innovative service that will be extremely useful for a range of users, both inside and outside the Alpine Shire," he said.

"Potential investors in the Alpine Shire will be able to look up a property of interest, and find out all of this valuable information at the click of a mouse. And current property owners can now find out information that they may not have been previously aware of.

"It is extremely important the Alpine Shire continues to have a steady growth in population and to attract new investors. This service is a method Council is using to assist our community to be prosperous, resilient and sustainable.

"The Online Property Report Service complements Council's existing online Alpine Interactive Mapping System (AIMS) by providing much of the same information, but does so using a much simpler interface."

The Online Property Report Service can be accessed on Council's website.


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