Council to hear skyways recommendations

The Mount Buffalo Skyways taskforce will present their recommendations to Council this afternoon at 4pm.

The comprehensive community consultation process came to a close earlier this month with the majority supporting a gondola or cable car to the top of Mount Buffalo.

The Mount Buffalo Skyways Taskforce held over 20 community meetings with 400 attendees to go with 532 survey respondents. 64.8% (345 survey respondents) supported a gondola or cable car, 28.8% (153) were against the idea while 6.4% (34) were unsure.

Some of the key reasons supporting the gondola include

  • Boost for tourism
  • New icon and drawcard, providing great views
  • Safe and easier access to Mount Buffalo
  • Boost to local economy, creates jobs
  • Revitalizes Mount Buffalo
  • Positive experience on other gondolas
  • May make Mount Buffalo Chalet viable ensuring it’s future

Environmental damage, not being viable financially and wanting funds to be spent on the Mount Buffalo Chalet re-development instead were the key reasons against constructing a gondola.

The taskforce’s recommendations include

  • Pursuing two-thirds funding from the State Government for a financial viability study to show their commitment to the project.
  • Three more months to lobby State Government for funding
  • Making the Mount Buffalo tourism development investment more attractive as a whole.
  • Investigate legislation required to allow a 99-year lease
  • Abandoning project if viability study funding not secured by October

The taskforce will also ask Council to decide whether the taskforce continues working past 30 June as opposed to Council taking over the project.

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