Community supports Council direction

More than 230 residents and ratepayers recently took the opportunity to give Alpine Shire Council feedback on its 2030 Community Vision and Council Plan and overwhelmingly they supported Council’s direction.

Alpine CEO, Ian Nicholls said respondents were asked to rate Council's existing directions and objectives, to priorities these and were given an opportunity to give Council feedback on any matter they wanted.

"Among the top priorities for the community were continuous engagement with the community, improve Council accountability to reflect public interest and education for residents in the area of water, conservation, sustainable building design and energy efficient design," Mr Nicholls said.

Mr Nicholls said this information would be used by Council in its review of both documents.

"Once Council has made changes to the documents they will then be put on public exhibition which provides people with a further opportunity to comment," he said.

"Council asked the community to respond to 34 key directions which come from the 2030 Community Vision. Three of these were not supported or showed a lack of understanding by the community," Mr Nicholls said.

The 2030 Community Vision was developed through a process of community consultation and adopted in 2005 as an aspirational document. It's about looking into the future and imagining what the Shire would look like and what the community would like Council to provide. It guides our year to year planning," he said.

The directions from the 2030 Community Vision which were not supported were:
The development of bypass routes to keep heavy traffic out of town centres,
The timber industry continuing to be a major employer, and
Home-based employment.

In each case at least 15% of respondents said they didn't know if the statement should be a key direction.

The survey also tested 24 objectives from the current Council Plan. All, except one, were supported by the community.

"There was some disagreement that Council should develop plans to address the effects of climate change," Mr Nicholls said.

Council ran a competition as part of the survey. Chiarina Sacco from Myrtleford won the ipod.

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