Road Stabilisation and Patching

Council’s annual road stabilisation and patching program for 2018/19 has started.

The project involves rehabilitation of a range of identified road pavement defects throughout the Shire. Works will most likely be completed during December, however may push into January.

The pavement rehabilitation method typically used will be “In situ stabilisation” during which the defective pavement is re-mixed, stabilisation agent added, re-trimmed and compacted, then sealed. This is an economical method of road pavement rehabilitation. It is typically more economical to recycle and improve the quality of in situ materials within an existing pavement rather than importing new material.

Roads undergoing patching and stabilisation at certain points are:

Buffalo Creek Road
Mummery Road
Murray to Mountains Rail Trail
Undara Road
Bakers Gully Road
Carrolls Road
Kancoona South Road
Damms Road
Embankment Drive
Mountain Creek Road
Reids Lane
Mullagong Road
Kancoona South Road

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