Electronic waste can be disposed of in a sustainable manner at any one of Council’s three waste and recycling centres.
Electronic waste or e-waste can contain a broad range of materials including precious metals (such as gold and platinum), toxic heavy metals, metal circuitry, mixed plastics, fire retardants and glass.

The problem of e-waste in Autralia is growing significantly, as we have a fast uptake and turnover of electronica products.
E-waste must be kept out of landfills.

Drop off points are located at the Myrtleford Landfill and Porepunkah and Mount Beauty Transfer Stations. Almost any electronic goods can be dropped off at any one of these three sites where they will be recycled.

If you are ever unsure if it is e-waste just remember if it has a battery, a cord or a plug it is in fact e-waste.

There is no disposal charge for Computers and Televisions and certain associated paraphernalia
Disposal is FREE

Electronic Waste other than Televisions and Computers
Small items: $2.50
Medium items: $7.50
Large items: $15.50

Electronic Goods include:

* VCR/DVD/CD players
* Hi-fi sets
* Radios
* Vacuum cleaners
* Toasters
* Irons
* Kettles
* Microwaves
* Cameras
* Multi adapter plugs
* Satellite navigation systems
*Electronic Toys
*Electric Frypans
And much more

More information on e-waste is available here.

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