Volunteers at the Myrtleford Community Garden

The RecLess Project (Less Water, Less Often, More Resilient Open Spaces Project) was a partnership project between the Alpine Shire Council and Benalla Rural City Council, supported through funding from the Victorian Government. RecLess aimed to assess, prioritise and identify new ways of managing open spaces to be adaptable to climate change while continuing to meet Council and community needs.

The project also allowed for demonstration gardens to be designed and built to showcase some features that can make gardens more resilient to the impacts of climate change. In the Alpine Shire, this project component was split between the three towns of Bright, Myrtleford and Mount Beauty to support work in and by the community.

The demonstration gardens are supported by a series of gardening ‘Fact Sheets’ and ‘plant tables’. The plant tables contain common species of seven different plant types that are hardy and resilient to the impacts of climate change. The tables identify both native and non-native species, and are designed to give residents who are new to gardening, or who want some different ideas, suggestions on some hardy plants without being overwhelming with choices. The tables are by no means a complete list of all plants that will do well in extreme weather.

The fact sheets below tell a story about climate change, the impacts we are expecting, and how to plan and plant your home garden. If you want to see some innovative garden design features, or view some hardy plant species, pop into one of the four demonstration gardens in the Alpine Shire.

Demonstration Gardens

> Download a map of the demonstration garden locations

Myrtleford Community Garden (Lawrence Street)
Showcasing ‘wicking’ beds and layered garden systems for conserving water and providing soil nutrients ideal for growing veggies.

Bright Community Garden (behind the Anglican Church off Church Street)
Showcasing improving water efficiency through the creation of ‘swales’.

Mount Beauty Lakeview Children’s Centre Rainbow Garden (Lakeside Avenue)
Showcasing hardy species that engage children and inspire our future gardeners!

Bright Waterwise Garden (Behind the Community Centre)
Showcasing species indigenous to the area and hardy to impacts of climate change.

Fact Sheets

> Climate Change Impacts

> Improving your Garden’s Capacity to Cope with Climate Change Impacts

Plant Tables

> Alpine Climbers and Creepers

> Alpine Groundcovers

> Alpine Large Shrubs

> Alpine Small Shrubs

> Alpine Large Trees

> Alpine Small Trees

> Alpine Tussocks

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