Myrtleford Skate Park upgrade

Community input received on concept designs

Myrtleford Skate Park design

Alpine Shire Council has updated its plans for upgrading the Myrtleford’s Cundy Park skate park after a successful consultation process that began in March this year.

The skate park, which is now 15 years old, is in poor condition. In 2012 Council ran a process to develop a new design with the aim of seeking funding to improve the park. The funding was received but Council needed to do further design work to fit the $160,000 budget.

Council appointed Precision Skate Parks from Yackandandah and Enlocus to develop the new design. They met with a variety of stakeholders in March.

Following that initial consultation, where stakeholders outlined their expectations for the upgraded park, council then put concept designs on display in June. A User Group workshop was held on 23 June, and public submissions on the concept design closed on 30 June.

What you said

The feedback from the User Group workshop was really positive. Some of the points discussed included:

1. Possible reduction of the skate bowl to 1.2m. Everyone agreed that leaving it at 1.5m would cater for skill progression and also work with the change in grade between the existing mini ramp and new works.
2. Inadequate drainage of the existing park was raised as a concern many times.
3. Lighting was requested so that the park could be used in the late afternoon/early evening in the colder months.
4. Connecting path between the mini and the new bowl to allow flow from one to the next. Everyone appreciated that the previous street-styled concept, used for funding, didn't work with the grade and change in direction.
5. Everyone agreed that the 900mm drop from the landing of the new bowl and the exiting area didn't limit function. The 900mm drop could be a skate feature.
6. Consider one or two elements on the landing of the new bowl if budget allows.
8. The small rail was seen as better for beginners.
9. Electrical supply for phone charge, etc. was requested.

Our response

We have carefully considered all the input from the users and where possible implemented their suggestions where the budget allows. The updated plans can be downloaded here.

Additions to the final concept include :
1. Added 3.5m-wide concrete path connecting the existing mini ramp and the new bowl. The width and alignment allows users to roll from the mini and either peel off to the right and go around the landing down the flat bank OR veer left and roll down the roll-in in the new bowl.
3. Added spoon drain to the lower side of the connecting path to the existing pit at the mini ramp.
4. Included a spoon drain and two drainage pits to the eastern edge of the existing slab with two 90mm DIA PVC pipes outletting to the adjacent service road.
6. The quarter was revised to a flat bank behind the column so it will be easier to roll around the landing of the new bowl down two flat banks.
7. The square central feature column at the corner of the new bowl has been made wider along the transition and narrower across the width of the landing, to allow more room on the 900mm high landing behind the column.
8. 150 x 50 RHS galvanised rail has been added to edge of the 900mm landing in response to a request for an additional element on the landing of the new bowl. This will also help to contain activity.

In addition, it is the intention to install additional lighting at the skate park funded through the Safer Places program. We are hoping that this lighting will be installed by the time the skate park upgrade works have been completed.

The skate park upgrade documentation will now be finalised ahead of construction starting on site in late September this year.

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