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The Alpine Shire Council collects personal information via these forms to levy rates, issue permits and licences, and provide a variety of community services. The information collected is used only for the purposes intended by the form (primary purposes) or for any reasonable secondary purpose. Personal information provided on these forms is not passed on to third parties. In some instances however, disclosure is required by law or is necessary for the protection of persons or property. Where this occurs, Council will take every reasonable step to ensure your privacy is protected in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014. You may obtain further information about Council’s Privacy Policy here.

Economic Development, Tourism & Events

Public Infrastructure forms

For comprehensive information regarding public infrastructure, click here.

Occupation / Works on Council Managed Land Application

Location of Legal Point of Discharge Application

Private residences are required to control stormwater discharging from their property. In most circumstance stormwater is controlled to a single point where it enters the Council stormwater network. Council officers will advise where this point of connection is to be made through a legal point of discharge enquiry. Please contact council at

Build over an Easement Application

Council is the responsible authority for stormwater drainage. Easements are created through private land to connect the stormwater network.

Building over a drainage easement is only permissible for certain types of structures. Appropriate structures need to be light so as not to apply pressure to the ground and impact the pipework. Structures should be relatively inexpensive as they may require removal at any time to facilitate works on the stormwater network.

Structures that may fit these criteria include sheds, chicken coops, cubby houses, etc. however Council will not pay for the replacement of the structure if it requires removal so careful consideration should be made before applying for a permit.

Heavy Vehicle Access

Over-size or over-mass vehicles are required to apply for a permit through the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) if access to Council managed roads is required. The NHVR will refer the application to all responsible road authorities including local councils if required.

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