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The Alpine Shire is well recognised for its landscapes, its environmental features and its attractive towns and villages. The location of the Alpine Shire in an area rich in natural assets underpins these features and provides a solid foundation for the community to thrive. Recognising that a healthy community needs a healthy environment, the Alpine Shire Council has prepared an Environment Strategy to ensure Council’s environmental impacts are managed and to provide guidance to Council to consider the environment in all aspects of decision making.

Harrietville: Our Future - Strategic Master Plan draft

Harrietville: Our Future, the draft of the Strategic Master Plan for Harrietville, is now available for comment. Harrietville: Our Future outlines key actions and priorities that collectively will strengthen the Harrietville community. The document has been developed as part of the Communities Adapting to Climate Change project, funded by the Victorian Government.

Harrietville: Our Future is the result of many hours of discussion within the Harrietville Community Forum (HC), in conjunction with the Alpine Shire Council, applying the priorities raised by the community during the nine community discussion sessions held in October and November 2015 and identified in the 2014 community survey to the project goal of improving sustainability and resilience of the Harrietville community.

The document defines what resilience and sustainability means for the Harrietville community. It then presents actions, separated into themes that collectively improve resilience and sustainability as it is defined for the Harrietville community.

The HCF, Parks Victoria, Alpine Shire Council, and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning have all been involved in the development of Harrietville: Our Future. Only actions that are able to be undertaken by people or organisations involved in the Communities Adapting to Climate Change project are included in Harrietville: Our Future so as to ensure that actions are committed to and delivered by the relevant parties.

Harrietville: Our Future is open for comment until 22nd June 2016. The document is available here.

Submissions can be made by contacting Michelle Kent at or on 5755 0555, or by responding to a short survey here.

Michelle will also be available at the Harrietville Hall Monday 6th June from 7pm – 8:30pm and on Thursday 9th June from 1.30pm – 3.00pm for people to drop in to discuss the document or the wider Communities Adapting to Climate Change project.

Communities Adapting to Climate Change - Harrietville

The Alpine Shire Council, in partnership with the Harrietville Community Forum and supported by the Victorian Government, is implementing the Communities Adapting to Climate Change project.

The project aims to further increase the resilience and sustainability of Harrietville by strengthening relationships between agencies and the community, and working collaboratively towards shared goals through the development of a Master Plan for the town.

The Communities Adapting to Climate Change project was launched at the Harrietville Community Hall on Tuesday 11 August by renowned climate change and sustainability expert, Dr Graeme Pearman. Dr Pearman spoke about the snow future and the impacts and opportunities presented by climate change in Harrietville over the coming 10 to 20 years. Dr Pearman has decades of experience in atmospheric research, sustainability and climate change science in his roles at the CSIRO and, more recently, at Monash University and as a private consultant.

You can view his presentation below, or click here to download his slide show.

In addition to the development of a Master Plan, the Communities Adapting to Climate Change project will investigate more sustainable options for energy security and for waste water management in the Harrietville area. The project will wind up in 2016 with the implementation of a demonstration project and capacity building activities identified in the Master Plan.

Environment Strategy

The Environment Strategy is about helping to achieve community sustainability through conserving the natural resources and landscapes that the community values and relies upon. To achieve this, the Strategy develops the principles and directions Council needs to:

• Manage the natural resources over which it has direct responsibility;
• monitor and take action on its own environmental impacts; and
• define its role in encouraging environmentally sustainable activities and actions through education and partnerships with the community and government agencies.

Download a copy of the Alpine Shire Environment Strategy

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