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Corporate Planning and Reporting

Council’s Vision

The Alpine Shire provides outstanding opportunities for its residents and visitors through sustainable growth in balance with the natural environment.

Corporate Planning

Council’s corporate planning framework was adopted as part of the Alpine Shire Council Plan 2013-2017, and outlines how each of Council’s strategic documents is linked.

2030 Community Vision

Council is committed to planning for and delivering key priorities for the Alpine Shire community. To achieve this, the Alpine Shire 2030 Community Vision was developed in 2005, and reviewed in 2010. The 2030 Community Vision outlines how the community would like to see the Alpine Shire in the year 2030. While it is an aspirational document, the key directions in it feed down into the Council Plan, which is Council’s means of delivering the vision.

Council Plan

The Council Plan is a strategic document, detailing Council’s desired outcomes for the four financial years following each Council election. It is reviewed annually to ensure that it remains relevant for the remainder of the term of the Council Plan – in this case, until June 2017.

The Council Plan is divided into five themes:
- Inspired Community Leadership
- Enhancing the Environment and Liveability
- Strengthening the Community
- Prosperous Economy, Employment and Investment
- Performance Focused Organisation

Each theme is supported by strategic objectives, strategies, and indicators.

The Council Plan is supported by the annual action plan and budget, which provide the detail and annual activities that contribute to achieving the objectives contained within the plan.

Council provides regular reports to the community regarding progress against the Council Plan, with details found in each Quarterly Report. The Annual Report provides an ‘end of year’ report on progress against the Council Plan. The Council Plan also contains a Strategic Resource Plan, which identifies the resources, financial and human, required to deliver the Council Plan.

The Council Plan is reviewed annually, and the community is invited to provide feedback on any proposed changes prior to these changes being adopted.

Current Alpine Shire Council Plan:
Alpine Shire Council Plan 2013-2017 (review 2016) - adopted 28 June 2016
Annual Action Plan 2016/17
Strategic Resource Plan 2017-2020

Previous Alpine Shire Council Plan(s):
Alpine Shire Council Plan 2013-2017 (review 2015) - adopted 23 June 2015
Alpine Shire Council Plan 2013-2017 (review 2014) – adopted 24 June 2014
Alpine Shire Council Plan 2013-2017 – adopted 18 June 2013
Annual Action Plan 2013/14 – extract from Alpine Shire Council Budget 2013/14 adopted on 2 July 2013

Quarterly Reports

Council has introduced quarterly reports as part of its commitment to report back to the community on the achievement of its promised activities each year. The quarterly reports contain:

  • Council Plan progress report
  • Financial progress report
  • Capital works progress report

2015/16 Quarterly Report

2014/15 Quarterly Reports

2013/14 Quarterly Reports


Council has prepared a Budget for 2016/17 which is aligned to the vision in the Council Plan 2013/17. It seeks to maintain and improve services and infrastructure as well as deliver projects and services that are valued by our community, and do this with a lower rate increase than that mandated by the State Government.

The 2016/17 Budget was adopted by Council at a special meeting held 28 June 2016.

Dinner Plain 2016/17 Budget

Dinner Plain is an alpine village which requires special services due to its unique nature. The village finances are treated as a self-contained business unit. All rates, special rates and other income generated from the village are quarantined for use on the village. All expenditure is offset against the income. Any surplus or deficit is transferred to or taken from the Dinner Plain reserve. The Council charges the village for its services.

The Dinner Plain operations are included in the Council Budget, however it is not easy to see the breakup so a supporting schedule to the budget has been prepared.

Annual Report

Council’s annual report provides a report on its operations for the year, including a report against the achievement of the Council Plan. It also contains audited financial statements, and the performance statement.

Copies of annual reports are available on CD - contact to request your copy

Alpine Shire Council Annual Report 2015/16

Alpine Shire Council Annual Report 2014/15

Alpine Shire Council Annual Report 2013/14 (large file 7MB)

Alpine Shire Council Annual Report 2012/13 (large file 7.5MB)
A copy of this document is available on CD - contact to request your copy

Alpine Shire Council Annual Report 2011/12

Alpine Shire Council Annual Report 2010/11

2009/10 (split into two files for ease of download):
Alpine Shire Council Annual Report 2009/10 - Operations
Alpine Shire Council Annual Report 2009/10 - Financials

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