Warmer days mean snakes are out

THE end of winter brings warmer weather, but Alpine Shire Council is urging residents and visitors to be aware that snakes are on the move.

Council’s Senior Ranger Darryl Farmer said just as humans are out enjoying the warm spring weather, so too are snakes.

“Snakes will be emerging from their hibernation over winter to bask in the sun and start moving about to look for food and a mate,” he said.

“Warm weather means that people are more likely to be doing things outside, like walking the dog, exercising or gardening, increasing the likelihood of people and snakes crossing paths.”

Mr Farmer said snakes are protected under the Wildlife Act.

“It is an offence to kill them – anyone who is concerned about the proximity of a snake to their home needs to call the Department of Sustainability and Environment or a qualified snake catcher,” he said.

“The cost of employing that snake catcher falls to the landowner or resident.”

When living in an area near snakes, remember:

• If you see a snake, keep calm and try to move yourself, and pets away from the snake – bites can take place if people try to kill snakes;

• Never touch or attempt to capture snakes – call DSE on 136 186 or call a licensed snake catcher;

• Snakes are attracted to shelter such as piles of rocks and timber, sheets of metal, or building materials, so clean up around the house; and

• Undertake first aid training to understand what to do in the event of a snake bite. Ensure your first aid kit contains compression bandages, and if someone is bitten, call 000 immediately.

Document No. 35 authorised by: Ian Nicholls, Chief Executive Officer, Alpine Shire Council, Great Alpine Road, Bright.

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