Dinner Plain land purchase a boost for recreation

COUNCIL has finalised the purchase of three lots of valuable recreational land at Dinner Plain.

At an auction in December Council was the successful purchaser of lots 1, 2 and 3, Dinner Plain with a winning bid of $675,000.

The Transfer of Land was signed and sealed by Councillors in February and the purchase finalised in March.

Council’s Chief Executive Officer Ian Nicholls said the acquisition was a coup for Council and a boost for future recreational developments at Dinner Plain.

“The land has significant recreational value, with a number of cross country trails and the toboggan slope on it,” he said.

“Lot 1 represents significant value in allowing for an expansion of the Dinner Plain depot, realigning the link road and allowing public access to the toboggan run.”

Mr Nicholls said Lots 2 and 3 have the benefit of ensuring public access to cross country trails and enhancing recreational opportunities.

“This purchase allows us to plan the future recreation of Dinner Plain and explore the options that will best serve the community and visitors in the future,” he said.

“The purchase will be funded from the Dinner Plain Reserve, which is from Dinner Plain land sales and has been quarantined for Dinner Plain purposes.

“As such, the general Alpine Shire ratepayer will not be negatively impacted by the purchase.”

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