Alpine Shire Bridgeworks

Road Closures and Changes to Traffic Conditions

From time to time road works and/or large projects necessitate the partial or complete closure of roads within the Alpine Shire. This also applies to events held within the Shire. The information below outlines any upcoming road closures that residents and/or visitors should be aware of.

Road Closures and Alterations to Traffic Conditions

Road Closures

Anzac Day Ceremonies
Bright - 25 April 2017
5.30am to approximately 2.00pm
• Section of Camp st parking reserved.

5.45am to approximately 6.45am
• Ireland Street at Barnard Street/ Camp Street intersection
• Ireland Street at the Cobden Street roundabout
• Burke Street at the roundabout (clock tower)
• Anderson Street at Wood Street intersection.

10.00am to approximately 12.00pm
• Ireland Street at Mafeking Square roundabout
• Ireland Street at the Cobden Street roundabout
• Bourke Street at the entry to the roundabout
• Anderson Street at Wood Street intersection
• Ireland Street at Poet’s Corner

10.30am to approximately 11.00am
• Bakers Gully Rd between Park Street and Cobden Street to allow for the commencement of the march

Mount Beauty
10.30am to approximately 11.45am
• Lakeside avenue from the roundabout (Kiewa Valley Highway)
• Kiewa Crescent at Lakeside Avenue intersection

*Note that this road closure will also close Hollonds street to through traffic. Any cars parked in Hollonds Street will be able to exit via Park Street.

10.30am to approximately 12noon
• Great Alpine Road at Standish Street
• Standish Street at Maude Street
• Maude Street at Lewis Avenue
• Great Alpine Road at Lewis Avenue/Albert Street
• Clyde Street at Queen Street
• Standish Street at Smith Street
• Smith Street

Bright Gala Day and Markets
Bright CBD
6 May 2017
7.00am to approximately 5.00pm - markets
• Barnard Street at Gavan Street intersection
• Camp Street at Wills Street intersection
• Ireland Street at the roundabout
• Burke Street at the toilet block
• Anderson Street at Wood Street intersection
• Mill Road at Railway Avenue intersection
• Mill Road at Kilfinan Crescent intersection

1.15pm to approximately 4.00pm - parade
• Great Alpine Road at Station Street intersection
• Great Alpine Road at Nicholson Street intersection
• Station Street/ Service Street at the roundabout
• Park Street at Deacon Avenue
• Bakers Gully Road at Park Street
• Gavan Street at the roundabout
• Star Road at Riverside Avenue
• Gavan Street at Star Road
• Anderson Street at Wood Street
• Gavan Street at Camp Street
• Howitt Street at Gavan Street
• Delany Ave at Mountbatten Avenue
• Mountbatten Avenue at Rotary Slide

Traffic Conditions Altered
Bright Fun Run
23 April 2017
7.30am to 12noon
- Centenary Ave, Smithy Lane, Mystic Lane, Coronation Ave, Morses Creek Road and Branch Creek West Road.
- White Star Rd closed
Expect delays

Road and bridge works

Council has a regular schedule of road and bridge management works to ensure the Alpine Shire's vital infrastructure is maintained, along with a number of major road and bridge projects. Contact the Asset Maintenance team for further information.

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