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Dinner Plain

Dinner Plain, the only new township to be created in Victoria in the past 80 years, is continuing to grow from strength to strength.

The alpine village was created in 1985 and is the only Australian alpine resort to be managed by local government – by the Alpine Shire.

Dinner Plain is also home to the Alpine School; a centre for leadership, outdoor and enterprise education for Year 9 students in Victorian Government schools.

Dinner Plain Special Rate

Servicing costs of Dinner Plain are significantly higher than all other areas of the Shire because of the complex nature and special requirements of the village. Therefore Council applies a special rate to Dinner Plain ratepayers in addition to the general rate.

Click on the following link for more information about the Dinner Plain Special Rate and the services that it covers.

Dinner Plain Special Rate Update

Council has received some emails and letters from ratepayers and the Dinner Plain Residents Business Operators Society (DPRBOS) expressing concern about a variety of issues but primarily about the special rate and the services it funds. Council's CEO has responded to DPRBOS in detail and a copy of the response can be found here.

If you would like to discuss any part of Council's response, or need clarification please contact Heather Green, Director Sustainable Development on 03 5755 0555 or heatherg@alpineshire.vic.gov.au.

In late March / early April 2016 a letter was sent to Dinner Plain ratepayers, advising details about a survey Council is undertaking. The survey primarily addressed special rate services but also asked questions about Dinner Plain Advisory Committee and Dinner Plain management. The responses will help Council frame its 2016/17 budget for Dinner Plain. The results are available here.

Council engaged independent auditors Crowe Horwath to carry out a review of the Dinner Plain Special Rate and operations. Their Memorandum of Audit Planning is available below. This memorandum is the agreement between Council and the auditors outlining the scope of the audit that will take place. It also outlines the approach, key milestones to be met and the audit methodology for conducting the audit.

Responses to some key questions raised by DPRBOS are available here.

Dinner Plain Special Rate and Operations Review
Dinner Plain Review Report Cover Letter
Dinner Plain Review Report
Memorandum of Audit Planning
Audit Strategy Document

A reduction in the Special Rate has been proposed by Council as an interim step while the results of the audit and the recently completed survey are analysed and future changes considered. The draft budget is available for public comment here.

Dinner Plain Advisory Committee

Dinner Plain Advisory Committee members:
Shelley Holah;
Leona Turra leona.turra@gmail.com;
David Chlebna;
Colin McDonald;
Lee Rourke;
Gary Battershill;
Belinda Trembath.

The Committee’s primary objectives are to:

• Provide advice to Council on the range and level of services which meet the needs of the Dinner Plain community;

• Provide advice to Council on the priorities for the Dinner Plain operational and capital works budgets (including advice on three major capital projects planned for delivery throughout the term of the new DPAC);

• Participate in and provide advice to Council on the development and review of all statutory and strategic plans for the Dinner Plain Village;

• Provide advice to Council on community engagement strategies, and actively participate in engaging with the community.

Appointments to the skills based positions are on a three (3) year term and selection will be determined with consideration to a skills matrix considering a broad representation from a range of sectors including, hospitality, accommodation, tourism attraction, retail and marketing.

For further information relative to the Dinner Plain Advisory Committee please contact Manager Economic and Community Development Elaine Burridge.

DPAC minutes:
27 February 2014
24 April 2014
31 July 2014 and action log.
25 September 2014 and action log.
27 November 2014 and action log.
26 February 2015 and action log
23 April 2015 and action log
23 June 2015
27 August 2015 and action log
1 September 2015 (Special Meeting)
26 November 2015 and action log
25 February 2016 and action log
23 June 2016 and action log
12 September 2016 and action log
24 November 2016 and action log
28 February 2017 and Action Log.

Dinner Plain Festival and Events funding

Council has set aside funds to provide financial assistance to festival and event organisers for events to be held in Dinner Plain.

The funding is available in the form of cash or in-kind support to organisations which stage events that have the potential to make a demonstrable impact on the level of tourism to Dinner Plain and which complement and achieve the objectives of the Alpine Shire Council Economic Development Strategy, the Dinner Plain Recreation and Leisure Strategy and Dinner Plain Marketing Strategy.

Tourism Festival and Event funding is designed to provide seed funding for new events, assistance with program development of existing events and marketing support.

Dinner Plain Events Funding 2017-18, Key Dates:

Applications Open: March 10, 2017
Submissions Close: June 9, 2017
Notifications: July 5, 2017 (following the July 4 Council Meeting)

Dinner Plain Events Funding Application Form
Dinner Plain Events Funding Guidelines

For queries regarding Dinner Plain events and funding, please contact:

Alia Parker
Marketing & Events Officer, Dinner Plain
Email: aliap@alpineshire.vic.gov.au
Phone: 03 5755 0555

Dinner Plain newsletter

Council regularly produces a Dinner Plain newsletter for the information of Dinner Plain residents and ratepayers. Both past and current editions are available for download.

Plants for revegetation and landscaping

Dinner Plain is located amongst some of the rarest plant communities in Australia - Alpine woodland and Alpine grassland.

These plant communities are nationally recognised and are protected by Australian and Victorian Government Acts.

It is vital that you check the Dinner Plain revegetation and landscaping guide below before planting.

Obtaining plants for landscaping and revegetation can be a difficult process as only indigenous plant material can be used at Dinner Plain.

Council has engaged the expertise of the Alpine Nursery based at Ovens to prepare plants for landscaping and revegetation at Dinner Plain which are available for purchase.

Plant order forms can be downloaded here or by contacting Council on (03) 5755 0555.

The Dinner Plain revegetation and landscaping guide below contains key guidelines for planting on Dinner Plain.

Dinner Plain revegetation and landscaping guide.

  • Minimise disturbance: leaving the alpine landscape in tact is the best practice
  • Park vehicles in designated parking areas and use pathways and roads:NEVER PARK ON THE GRASS
  • Stabilize disturbed ground: disturbance or removal of plants will open the way for erosion and the potential for weeds to become established
  • Level out disturbed area with a rake to create an even surface
  • Lumps and dips will trap water and become boggy
  • Cover disturbed ground with certified weed free straw: this will help hold the soil in place
  • Weed free area: hand pull or spot spray any weeds to minimise competition when establishing native seedlings
  • Plant at the right time: best results will be achieved planting in to moist soils. October / November and April through to early May are the best times to plant at Dinner Plain
  • Protect young plants: use tree bags or appropriate fencing to protect new plantings from rabbits and inappropriate human access. Bags and fencing can remain over winter however they may need to be highlighted with an indicator such as colourful tape to ensure no one accidentally damages the plant
  • Follow up: make sure the revegetated area remains weed free and moist. Watering through the first summer may be essential if the plants are exposed to direct sun and wind. Making sure bags or fencing are stable is important as young plants do not like being restricted. Some plants may need to be replaced if there has been attrition over summer or winter.

Tourism in Dinner Plain

For more information about the Dinner Plain village, activities and businesses, contact (03) 57 550555 or go to www.visitdinnerplain.com.au.

Dinner Plain Strategic Plan

The Dinner Plain Strategic Plan provides an all encompassing framework for the conservation of the unique environmental and social qualities, growth in tourism and economic prosperity and the implementation of infrastructure required to meet the needs of current and future ratepayers and visitors at Dinner Plain.

It is an aspirational document considering the needs of the Dinner Plain community in both the current and forecast environmental, economic and social climates.

The Strategic Plan will be reviewed annually to ensure it is aligned with the goals and aspirations of the community; and the achievement of the actions will be reported on twice yearly by Council officers at nominated Dinner Plain Management Committee meetings.

Dinner Plain Recreation and Leisure Strategy

The Dinner Plain Recreation and Leisure Strategy can be found here.

Construction at Dinner Plain

Special Conditions apply to construction at Dinner Plain. Details can be found on other areas of this website
Planning Guidelines - Dinner Plain
Building Guidelines - Dinner Plain

Dogs at Dinner Plain

All dogs visiting Dinner Plain are required by law to have a current permit, application for this is online. A copy of the Alpine Shire Council email confirming your permit must be carried with you at all times.

Income from the Dinner Plain dog is used to fund Council's Rangers patrolling Dinner Plain, including checking on dog issues and permits.

Book the Community Centre

The Dinner Plain Community Centre is available for public use. Please fill in a booking form and a Council Officer will contact you with information on how to access the building.

Book the Dinner Plain Community Centre

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