Council installs video conferencing

Alpine Shire Council has become one of the first Victorian councils to install a video conferencing facility.

The facility will enable Council to participate in a variety of conferences without leaving the Council chambers.

CEO Ian Nicholls said the facility had many benefits.

“This facility will enable us to attend conferences and meetings from Bright,” he said.

“This means we will not have to leave the shire to attend conferences which provides more opportunity to work with the community. It will reduce the amount of kilometres travelled in a car which is an environmental benefit.

“It will also allow us to participate in more conferences that we may not have attended in the past because it was not economically sensible to travel long distances to attend. And it will enable us to learn from and share ideas with other councils from not only Victoria but all over Australia. This will only improve our service to the community.”

The facility operates over the South West Alliance of Rural Health (SWARH) managed network. Other Victorian shires with video conferencing facilities include Moyne, Mildura, East Gippsland, Pyrenees and Swan Hill. It is anticipated that at least another 10 councils will follow Alpine Shire’s lead by installing similar facilities over the next year. Council will soon extend their video conferencing capabilities to include some desktop computers while mobile laptop trials will begin soon after.

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