Alpine Valleys Agrifood

Alpine Valleys Agrifood - growing at a higher level is an agricultural restructure initiative facilitated by the Rural City of Wangaratta and Alpine Shire.

Driven by the desire to encourage high value agricultural production to replace the former tobacco industry, the initiative is an alliance of agrifood growers, processors and associated service providers located within the fertile valleys of the Ovens and King rivers.

The aim of the initiative is to determine and promote the compelling attributes the region provides for sustainable agrifood production linked within the national supply chain.

The key objectives of the Alpine Valleys Agrifood initiative are:-

  • To profile the proficiency and professionalism of the region's agrifood operators;
  • To highlight the many competitive attributes that the region has to offer other agrifood businesses;
  • To leverage and facilitate agrifood investment in the region; and
  • To preserve our culture of excellence in agrifood production.
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