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Council's Building Services team assesses Building Permit applications against the current Building Act, Building Regulations, Building Code of Australia and all relevant Australian Standards.

This ensures compliance with the appropriate legislation and encourages good building design.

To assist you with any queries relating to this legislation the following information is available .

In addition, please feel free to contact the Building Services team for further information, including:

  • A Building Information Certificate relating to permits that may have been issued within the last 10 years on properties within the Alpine Shire, and
  • information on whether a particular property is subject to;
  • Flood (inundation), Termites or Snow

To obtain this information from Council you are required to submit a Property Information Request Form and include a copy of title or plan of subdivision along with the applicable fee.

Download a Property Information Request Form


When is a building permit required?

Generally a building permit is required for most types of construction; however there are some exemptions. To check if a building permit is required refer to the table or contact the Building Services Team on (03) 5755 0555.

How to obtain a building permit

The Building Permit process

The checklists above are a guide to what information is required to enable the Municipal Building Surveyor to make a proper assessment of an application for a Building Permit.

During the assessment process the Building Surveyor may request clarification on the information supplied or ask for additional information.

This request is usually in the form of a letter but could also be a phone call or e-mail.

The applicant will usually be contacted by Council within two to three weeks of lodging an application.

If you wish to extend a current building permit fill out the Application to Extend a Building Permit form and submit to the Council’s Building Services Team along with $257.50.

If you wish to amend a building permit, complete the Application to Amend a Building Permit form and submit to Council’s Building Services Team along with an applicable fee.

Please contact the Building Services Team for an applicable fee or for any further information on
(03) 5755 0555.

Mandatory inspections are required at designated stages of completion of a building project. Your Building Permit will nominate these stages, further information is available on the following link;

What are the Mandatory Inspections?

Building work must commence and be completed within the time frame specified on the Building Permit. If the works are not commenced and completed within this time frame you are required to apply for an extension of time or in some cases, a new Building Permit.

To obtain an Occupancy Permit all building work must be completed to the satisfaction of Council. This will be ascertained during the mandatory Final Inspection and on provision of all the relevant Compliance Certificates.

Application for an Occupancy Permit

It is illegal to occupy a building without a Certificate of Final Inspection or an Occupancy Permit.

Obtaining copies of plans and certificates

For information on obtaining copies of plans and certificates, please contact the Building Services team on (03) 5755 0555.

You can download and complete the Request form.

You also need to contact the Building Services Team on (03) 5755 0555 to obtain an applicable fee.

Please note that you must be the current owner of a property and are required to provide evidence of ownership before information will be released.

You can obtain information on other properties if you provide the above information along with written consent from the current owners.


Rescode (Building Regulations, Part 4) is used to assess the siting of single dwellings, associated garages and ancillary structures.

Rescode determines the following:

  • Building setbacks from boundaries.
  • Building setbacks from streets
  • Overlooking of neighbours’ windows within 9m
  • Overshadowing of neighbours’ secluded private open space(s)
  • Car parking
  • Site coverage
  • Permeability of site
  • Maximum building height
  • Maximum wall length on boundary
  • Daylight to existing neighbors’ windows
  • Private open space
  • Fencing

Some applications that do not comply to the Regulations may be varied by the Report and Consent process. Contact Council for further information.

Swimming pool and spa safety

Owners of domestic swimming pools and spa baths are required to install and maintain Safety Barriers in accordance with the Australian Standards AS 1926. This applies to all pools and spa baths that require a Building Permit to install.
Lids or lockable covers to outside spa baths do not comply. For useful information contact;

Swimming pool information

Smoke alarms in residential buildings

Since February 1999 legislation has required the installation of Smoke Alarms in all residential dwellings, motels and bungalows etc. Smoke alarms must be installed in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3786.

For information on smoke alarms in residential buildings, please refer to the link below or contact the Building Services team on (03) 5755 0555.

Building Authority – Smoke alarms in residential buildings

Building Standards and Essential Safety Measures

One of the roles of the Building Surveyor is to ensure that all new and existing buildings are safe for their intended use.

This includes the maintenance of essential fire safety requirements as well as designated exits and pathways in commercial, industrial and retail buildings

For information on essential services in commercial buildings, please refer to the link below or contact the Building Services team on (03) 5755 0555.

Essential services information

Registered Design Advice

Amongst other things consider the site topography, building orientation, the effect of and on adjacent homes and vegetation.

Current Legislation is designed to ensure that new homes are more energy efficient than ever before.

The Legislation sets out guide lines that have to be adhered to but are not definitive.

The design stage is the most cost efficient time to consider energy efficient componants such as orientation, materials, cooling and heating and the use of solar energy.

Further useful information is available on the following web site.

Your Home Guide for Builders or Renovators

Registered building practitioners

Most Building Practitioners working in Victoria must be registered with the Building Authority and as such should be conversant with all relevant regulations, codes and standards applicable to building design.

A registered practitioner must have the appropriate insurance providing improved protection for the consumer.

The Building Authority has powers to investigate and penalise practitioners behaving inappropriately or illegally.

You can obtain further advice or assistance on this matter from the Building Authority.

If you want to find out if a person is as a registered building practitioner, please refer to the links below.

Registered Building Practitioners
Registered Architects


Bushfire Prone Area / Bushfire Attack Levels

If you are considering building in a bushfire prone area you will need to submit a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment and pay particular attention to the specific requirements of AS 3959.

These requirements include amongst other things;

  • Distance to fire sources (vegetation)
  • Vegetation type
  • Slope of the site
  • Building construction level requirements
  • Materials used
  • Protection of window and door openings
  • Protection of sub-floor area or lower perimeter

You will need to provide this assessment with you application.

More information is available here.

More information may be found on the Country Fire Authority website –

Owner Builders

An owner builder is a person who constructs or renovates a domestic building on his or her own land, for their own occupation (not for sale).

Owner builders must obtain a Certificate of Consent from the Building Practitioners Board in order to obtain a Building Permit for domestic building works valued over $16,000.

For information on becoming an owner builder, please refer to the links below.

Victorian Building Authority Owner Builder webpage
href= target=_blank>Owner Builders Application Kit
Hints and Tips
Request a hard copy

Accessible buildings (disabled access etc.)

The Building Code of Australia references Australian Standard AS 1428 which specifies the requirements for accessibility including ramps, handrails, toilets and showers.

All new shops and offices are required to be accessible.

If the use of an existing building is changed or substantial building work is proposed then the application may be subject to accessibility requirements.

If you have any questions relating to accessibility please contact the Building Services team on (03) 5755 0555.

Building in Alpine Resorts

Before a permit for building work can be issued for building work at Dinner Plain you are required to obtain a Planning Permit.


The Alpine Resorts of Mount Hotham and Falls Creek, although geographically within the Alpine Shire, are not controlled by the Alpine Shire Council.

The land is owned by the Crown and sites are leased to clubs, companies and individuals.

Each Alpine Resort has a Management Board charged with responsibilities, via the Alpine Resorts (Management) Act.

All new buildings or additions require planning permits or similar which are administered via the Department of Infrastructure, Alpine Planning division.

A building permit application can be made to the Alpine Shire Council for these resorts, but prior to obtaining a building permit, Department of Infrastructure Planning Approval must be obtained.


A lodgement fee of $118.90 applies to all new building applications that are for works valued at $5,000 or greater.

Commercial Works

  • A minimum fee of $678 applies for works up to $15,000
  • A minimum fee of $906.50 applies for works between $15,000 - $40,000
$0 - $14,999 $678.00 (GST included)
$15,000 - $39,000 $906.50 (GST included)
$40,000 and over Please call the Building Section for fee

Domestic Works

Carport, garage, sheds, verandah and small extensions etc. $566.50 (GST included)
Swimming pools (In-Ground) $680 (GST included)
(Above-Ground) $453 (GST included)
Restumping or demolition $770 (GST included) - can vary
Dwelling extensions/alterations $793 (GST included) - can vary
New dwellings $1133 (GST included) - can vary
Multi unit development Please call for fee structure
Extension of Time for Building Permit $257
Place of Public Entertainment (POPE) $453.50
Amendment to Building Permit Minor-$129 Major-$257.50 (GST included)
Variation to ResCode (Report and Consent) $266.30 each
Additional Inspection or Re-Inspections $227 (Remote Areas - $309)
Plan Copy Fees – On Site (within the last 12 years) $35 minimum
Plan Copy Fees – Off Site $75 minimum
Individual Copies of Certificate of Final Inspection, Occupancy Permits etc $35 per copy
Legal Point of Discharge Information $66.50
Building Information Certificates $46.10
Essential service inspection and report $340
Non-mandatory inspection $227
Swimming pool inspection $227


Where the construction value exceeds $10,000, a state government levy at a rate of $1.28 per $1,000 is applicable to all building work for both commercial and domestic.

All fees are subject to change without notice.

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