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Community wellbeing

Council provides leadership in community health and wellbeing matters, including:
- the strategic development of communities according to the 2030 Community Vision, plans and strategies; and
- the development and implementation of programs that lead to vibrant, healthy, involved and empowered communities.

Alpine Local Health and Wellbeing Partnership

The State Government funds 30 Primary Care Partnerships (PCPs) to improve access to services and continuity of care for people through improved service coordination, as well as chronic disease prevention, integrated health promotion, and partnership development.

PCPs are made up of a range of member agencies, including hospitals, community health, local government and divisions of general practice as core members of the partnerships.

In the Alpine Shire, the PCP is called the Alpine Local Health and Wellbeing Partnership and includes the Alpine Shire Council, Alpine Health, Central Hume Primary Care Partnership, and Ovens and King Community Health Service as core members.

This group meets every six weeks to discuss ways in which to meet the strategic objectives identified as key to the health and wellbeing of the Alpine community.

To guide this process, the group uses the Alpine Shire Liveability Plan to provide a framework for the delivery of health and wellbeing objectives.

In addition, a number of other stakeholders are also actively engaged in this process, encouraging an integrated and partnered approach to community health and wellbeing.

The Primary Care Partnership Strategy focuses on:

  • Partnership Development
  • Integrated Health Promotion
  • Service Coordination
  • Integrated Chronic Disease Management

For any further information about the Alpine Local Health and Wellbeing Partnership please contact council 03 5755 0555.

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